5 Easy Ways to Generate Excitement for Your Giant Christmas Stocking Promotion

Not sure how to advertise or highlight the fact that giant stockings filled with toys are being raffled off or used in a promotion in your retail establishment? Here are five easy ways you can create the buzz you are looking for:

  1. Use flyers/mailers to advertise the giant holiday stockings with toys.
  2. Put it in your store window, or display prominently near the front entrance.
  3. Put it in your print, TV, and radio ads for the promotion period.
  4. Put it in your end-cap in the holiday aisle.
  5. Hang multiple giant stockings throughout the holiday section of your store.

It’s so easy, that even a fuzzy, holiday-loving blogging bear can do it!

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About Bernie The Bear

After getting hopelessly lost in a snow storm as a tiny bear cub, I somehow miraculously stumbled into Santa's workshop at the North Pole. Once I was nursed back to health by the elves -- on a diet consisting largely of giant candy canes, Christmas hams and Mrs. Claus' famous hot toddies -- they decided to take me in as a honorary member of the Claus family. The only thing I had to agree to in return was learn the long lost art of Christmas stocking stuffing and tirelessly promote the Christmas Holiday via blogs every year. Other hobbies include: eating honey, practicing mixed martial arts, riding unicorns and napping.
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