2013 Branded Toys

All Spring Promotions Feature Selections from the Hottest Toys of 2013

The toy list below represent a partial list of the toy inventory that we use to build our giant promotions. New toys are purchased and added throughout the year, and we update the site regularly to reflect the changes.  The toys used for each Giant Promotional Gift are specifically selected based upon:

  • Gender Balance
  • Play Value
  • Target Age (between four and 10 years of age)
  •  Estimated Retail Value
Number of Licensed Toys by Jumbo Stocking/Promotion Size
All hanging promotions come in two sizes and  two styles: 8-foot and 6-foot, either Deluxe or Standard Style.

  • Deluxe Giant Promotional Stockings have 90% licensed and name brand toys
  • Standard Giant Promotional Stockings have 60% licensed or name brand toys
  • 8-foot stockings have 17-20 toys or more
  • 6-foot stockings have 13-15 toys or more
  • Baxter the Bunny, Bernie the Bear; Jumbo Jack-O-Lantern include 10+ toys.

**Number of toys varies based on dimensions of toys chosen. Hanging Promotions Sizes are measured from top of header to bottom of footer

Estimated Retail Value 
The Estimated Retail Value of the promotions including the toys are based on Manufacturer’s suggested retail price AND the poster, header, raffle box, and entry blanks:

  • Deluxe 8 foot -$245.00
  • Standard 8 foot-$170.07;
  • Deluxe 6 foot-$145,00;
  • 6 foot Standard-$117.95;
  • Baxter The Bunny-$128.07
  • Bernie the Bear & Radio Flyer® Wagon-$195.15;
  • Jumbo Jack-O-Lantern-$171.18

Spring 2013 Toy List

  • My First Penguin Kit- Crafts Kit Game
  • Dandy Candy- Board Game
  • Wiffle Ball and Bat
  • Crayola DVD Game- Interactive Game
  • Ed Hardy Puzzles
  • Wanderama
  • Tonka Trucks – Toy Tractors
  • Spongebob, Cars, and More – Marker and Stamp Art Sets
  • Blue Angels, Bakugan, Barbie and More – 23” Sky Diamond Kites
  • Hallmark Stickeroni – Easter Themed Stickers for Photos
  • Camp Rock – Surprise Ink Game Book with Color Change Marker
  • Spiderman, Cars, Princess and more – Velcro Dart Ball Set
  • Winnie the Pooh, Cars, Spiderman– Glider Planes

8-foot Deluxe Giant Stocking Promotions Also Feature Selected Licensed Toys from the List Below:

  • Crayola Glow Explosion – Art Set
  • X-Men Comic and Grow Figurine
  • Madagascar Penguins- Figurines
  • Zhu Zhu Figurines- Action Figures
  • Zhu Zhu Police Station, Salon, Airport
  • Disney Velvet Art Set
  • Crib Life Dolls- Figurines
  • Green Lantern Game- Board Game
  • Cars, Finn McMissile- Toy Car
  • Generator Rex- Action Figure