Retail In-Store Promotions

If you want bring more customers through your door this holiday season, while also capturing the magic of every major holiday with your décor, our Giant Seasonal Promotions  are the answer.  Retail businesses all over the country buy our jumbo-sized promotional gifts every year (with an 80% re-order rate!) to:

  • Attract customers to their store by prominently placing them in store windows and decorating their end-caps or seasonal aisles.
  • Get hundreds of new marketing leads by raffling them off to customers who provide their name and address for future mailings.
  • Reward loyal customers who take part in frequent purchasing programs (you can enter customers who reach a certain dollar amount into a lottery).
  • Reward customers who buy your biggest ticket items.
  • Get customers to sign up for your store’s credit card (use the giant seasonal promo as their sign-up reward!).

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