Chambers of Commerce Promotions

Chambers of Commerce have long used Giant Promotional Stockings as a way to not only reward local businesses for joining, but also to generate excitement and help build patronage for brick and mortar businesses throughout their city during the every major holiday.
Here are just a few of the limitless ways Chambers can benefit from our giant promotional gifts:

  • Anytime a new brick and mortar location joins the Chamber at a certain level of commitment, you give a them a giant stocking filled with toys that they can use as a traffic generator to bring new people into the store.
    • Or, pick a different member (or set of members) every season to have a stocking, so each business can benefit in turn.
  • Use the raffle cards to get mailing lists of people in the community and then target them for future events and sales.
  • Hold seasonal events for your downtown (or a specific area shopping area) and give one raffle ticket to each patron for every store they visit so new and old community members have an incentive to stop by every store this season.
  • Place the giant seasonal gifts in store windows across the city to help promote the each major holiday while dressing up a storefronts at the same time.
  • Donate one to a local non-profit on behalf of the Chamber.
  • Hold a contest with Chamber members and give away the giant stocking as a prize for generating the most sales, new members, or anything else you’d like your members to focus on this year.
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