2016 Branded Toys

All 2016 Fall and Christmas Promotions Feature Selections from the Hottest Toys of the Year

The toy list below represent a partial list of the toy inventory that we use to build our giant promotions. New toys are purchased and added throughout the year, and we update the site regularly to reflect the changes.  The toys used for each Giant Promotional Gift are specifically selected based upon:

  • Gender Balance
  • Play Value
  • Target Age (between four and 10 years of age)
  •  Estimated Retail Value
Number of Licensed Toys by Promotion Type/Size
All hanging promotions come in two sizes and  two styles: 8-foot and 6-foot, either Deluxe or Standard Style.

  • Deluxe Giant Stockings have 90% licensed and name brand toys
  • Standard Giant Stockings have 60% licensed or name brand toys
  • 8-foot stockings have 17-20 toys or more
  • 6-foot stockings have 13-15 toys or more
  • Bernie the Bear includes 10+ toys.

**Number of toys varies based on dimensions of toys chosen. Hanging Promotions Sizes are measured from top of header to bottom of footer

Estimated Retail Value 
The Estimated Retail Value of the promotions including the toys are based on Manufacturer’s suggested retail price AND the poster, header, raffle box, and entry blanks:

  • Deluxe 8 foot -$245.00
  • Standard 8 foot-$170.07;
  • Deluxe 6 foot-$145.00;
  • 6 foot Standard-$117.95;
  • Bernie the Bear & Radio Flyer® Wagon-$195.15

Toy List

  • Avengers/Barbie/Star Wars/Princess – Stickers
  • Smurfs/Turbo/Strawberry Shortcake/Pacman Footballs
  • Wiffle Ball and Bat
  • Study Kits-Monster University/Monster High/Star Wars Ep 7
  • 15.5” Smurf Assortment Plush
  • Original Spuzzle Game – Board Game
  • Tower Puzzles – Spiderman/Angry Birds/Minnie/Princess
  • 30 pcs. Stationary Kit – Spiderman/Disney Princess, Minnie/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Disney’s Frozen Puzzle – Frozen 48 pcs. Puzzle
  • Crayola Glow Chalk Set
  • Frozen/Minnie/Avengers/Minions/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flying Discs
  • Hot Wheels Classics – Classic Cars


Deluxe Giant Promotions Also Feature Selected Licensed Toys from the List Below:

  • Olaf 17” Plush Backpack                                           
  • Batman Action Figurines
  • I-Tikes Map Interactive Game                                   
  • Disney Finding Dory Single Pack Figurines
  • Frozen Bracelet Making Kit                                       
  • Hobbit the Board Game
  • Make A Match Happy Feet 2                                       
  • Star Wars Ep7 Digital Watch
  • 27.5” Colorful Sharks                                                
  •  Frozen Floor Puzzle
  • Funrise Transformer Plush                                       
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sketch Book
  • Dorothy Doll                                                              
  • Angry Birds Jenga Tower Knockdown